If you’ve ever had any work done by me, please leave a testimony for the site so that others know how you feel about my work ethic.


Saha is the BEST! She’s prompt. She’s able to maintain that balance of being professional while making you feel at home – like you’re bouncing ideas and concepts off of your sister or homegirl. She always hears you and honors your opinions and ideas. She never makes you feel like a newbie or like you don’t know what you’re doing. Her work is legit, beautiful, contemporary and reflective of her amazing conceptual eye for design. If you’re looking for someone to design your concept, I highly recommend that you reach out to her today! You will not be disappointed!
-Makale’a G (Kane’ohe, HI)

OMG! Where do I begin? Saha has been helping me for over a year, could be longer. She is very skilled in her profession. From the jump she saw my vision and helped me expand on it. She helped me with everything from putting together my Sexy Freedom Media Podcast, layouts on my website, problems with the website, questions about the website, creating my newsletters, and more. She also empowers me through teaching me. I’m absolutely thankful we connected. I owe a ton of my success to her. Thank you Saha!
-Helen Edwards, Owner of Sexy Freedom Media LLC

Saha was sooooo prompt and the right woman for the branding job I had for her. I wanted a logo for my fitness business and she presented a few mock-ups before we decided on the final logo. She was QUICK and knows her stuff. I love her style and knew that she would deliver an incredible logo for my business. It’s been a logo I’ve used for YEARS and know I will go back to her when it’s time for a new logo. She knows what’s aesthetically pleasing, and knows her stuff!

-Camilla H. (San Lorenzo, CA)

Saha was easy and great to work with! Love the logo she created for my company. It embraced everything I wanted and more. Thanks, Saha!

-Jolisna Y. (Ogden, UT)